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Melissa & Jason Southerland

Montgomery, TX.      5.2019


From Melissa:

"After our (2) standard size Aussies passed away I began looking at mini Aussies.     I came across Eldorado Ranch Mini Aussies in approx. April 2018.  I made contact with Jennifer and we scheduled a time to come see Daisy’s litter of pups.  My husband and I were not dead set on purchasing a puppy because as we know puppies are puppies! They require a lot of training and patience.


We visited with the litter for at least 1-2 hours and we opted to leave and ponder on which one or if we were even ready to get a puppy.  Several hours went by and I finally called Jennifer and spoke with her.  I told her if she could deliver Katie to us we would take the dog!  With no hesitation Jennifer said “Yes, of course we can bring her to you!”  We live about 45 minutes away from them.


We really had a hard time choosing which puppy to make our own.  I have now owned Katie (who is now Koda) for a year.  Koda has been a great representation of the breed. We really lucked out with her.  Koda is 20lbs (as predicted), she is quite calm (unlike many Aussies) and is friendly to all.  She does just fine with my rowdy 5 year old and any guest we have over.


There are no complaints when it comes to the quality of dog you get from Eldorado Ranch Mini Aussies.  As a bonus I now have a great friend, Jennifer.  She has been so helpful and warm with any questions I have had (agility, training etc). She is very caring and loving to her dogs/litters and you can tell she genuinely has the best interest of her own personal dogs and the litters she produces as well.  This is not a puppy mill or a breeder in it for the love of money. " ​

Koda - then...        and now..


Lewine Germany-Foster

Buna, TX       6.2019 


"At 80 years old, on June 17th, 2018 I hit the jackpot and received the first pet I’ve ever owned from Eldorado Ranch.


I visited Jennifer and Wes Wagner in New Waverly, Texas to take a look at their litter of Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies. I had no idea which one I wanted to take home with me but I was fairly certain I wanted a male.


As a first time pet owner, Jennifer took the time to speak to me about the differences in size and attitude of male and female Aussies and advised me to take some time to confirm I did want a male dog. I really appreciated her attention as I did not want to be left alone to make my decision. In the end I stayed true to my heart and decided to take the only male dog in the litter even though he was the biggest puppy of the litter.


Soon after my Drago came home, I realized I had a lot to learn as an amateur pet owner. I am extremely grateful to Jennifer and Wes that I was never left to figure things out alone. Eldorado Ranch was always a phone call away for advice and help, no matter how big or small my concerns. If I were trying to teach Drago something using the wrong method, Jennifer always corrected me with great respect and kindness. My Eldorado Ranch family always keeps in touch, wanting to see how Drago and I are doing, usually requesting a new picture of my baby. Drago was the biggest puppy of the litter as Jennifer predicted (and still is . . . Mostly my fault).  Now, at 1 year old, he is so funny, so sweet, and when he looks up at me with his blue eyes I am a goner. When I take him out among people he is gentle, calm, and confident and even seems to know how he needs to change his behavior around smaller children versus adults.


With the help of the Eldorado Ranch family, I now have a new special kind of love in my heart that I was void of. There is a popular country song called “It’s Just a Dog” but he’s my dog."

Drago  - then...        and now..

Drago - puppy.jpg
Drago - 1 year.jpg

Cancino Family 

Quintana, TX      March 2020


From Heather:


"My husband and I had been researching for quite some time different dog breeds. We wanted to find a puppy that would be a great fit for our two little girls. 


I had done research on Miniature Aussie’s and was really leaning toward that breed due to the great things I had read about them.  


We came across the Eldorado Aussie Ranch website and I seen she had a new litter of pups that were available. After reading reviews and touring her site, I felt confident that this was the breeder I wanted to pursue. 


We named our new family member Axle and he has been the best addition to our family. He is beautiful and receives compliments everywhere we go. My words won’t even maybe give justice to how incredibly smart and loyal he is. He listens perfectly!!! He is over the moon obsessed with our two daughters. He won’t let them out of his sight when they are outside or if we go anywhere. We are a very outgoing and outdoorsy family, so he is out and about quite a lot. His obedience, loyalty, and extreme intelligence is remarkable!!!


Jennifer is an amazing breeder. She sends you away with everything you could possibly need and much more. Our Veterinarian had complimented how well prepared she was by the paperwork and vaccination schedule she provided in a folder. That folder was a tremendous help on knowing what to do and when to do it. 


I strongly recommend Eldorado Mini Aussie Ranch and can’t say enough good things about the quality of the pups and the breeder!"


Best regards,

Raymond & Heather Cancino

Doc ..  now Axle  - then...        and now..


Kalynn Lacaze 

Willis, TX      March 2020


From Kalynn:


"After talking a few times with a coworker about wanting another Aussie she told me about Eldorado Ranch. I was overly excited especially after hearing all the great things she said about them. As soon as she sent me their information I was looking them up and messaged them right away!

Jennifer was super helpful and gave me all the information I needed! She sent me pictures of the litter and I admittedly picked out the puppy they were calling Fleur! I was invited out to meet her and of course fell in love!

Not too long after that I was able to bring her home with her new name Sadie. I would take her everywhere and of course showed her off.  8 months later she is still my best friend. She loves to play but at the end of the day she has no problem cuddling up with you when she knows it’s bed time.

I have absolutely loved working with Jennifer! Any questions I have had she has answered and helped me in every way! She loves all her fur babies and you can tell she loves their babies as well!"

Fleur ..  now Sadie  - then...        and now..

Fleur 1.jpg
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