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Eldorado's Maudie Mae
Born April 2018
15.5" 20lbs 
Daisy's first
It is with a broken heart that we announce that our sweet Maudie has left us and
crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, November 14, 2019. 
Way too early for us, and very painfully missed.  Such a sweet soul and
beautiful girl.  Chase those rabbits and we know we will see you again in
the next life.  Love, Momma
From her Daddy:
My Dear Sweetpea, baby girl Maudie, passed away last Thursday night.
In the course of just a few minutes we went from howling, talking, and barking
to the darkest unimaginable moment .
We had spent the day together as we have for the past 18 months since her birth .
At bedtime Sweetpea would always always snuggle her little warm curled up body next to my back .
When she would go outside then come back In whether it be during the day or middle of the night she would always jump on top of me either lying down or sitting in my chair and get in my face and give me that toothy grin then let out a sigh .
She would always curl up in my recliner between my legs,
that was her favorite spot to nap.  When she would ride along with Bear
and I she would always sit in the back seat on the passenger side
looking out the window then crawl up next to me to help me drive .
Whenever I would be pulling out of the driveway she would sit patiently
behind the gate and wait for her daddy to stop and get back out of the truck
and get her so she could ride along too.  I would try and leave her sometimes
but just couldn’t do it when she would sit and look at me from behind
the gate as I was trying to leave.  No one could understand why I took
my little “Sweetpea” along when I already had a “Bear “ in the truck.
Bear and I were put on this earth to be together and this little girl,
Bear’s daughter, was put here to steal my heart and she did.
On Her last day she had spent the majority of it with Bear and I in my truck making my rounds around the county .
On the way home that night she was laying in the front seat licking my fingers.  I was holding her little paw while she licked my fingers like she loved to do .
When we got home I let her and Bear out just past the front gate because they loved running down the long driveway to our house.  And just like any other night Bear took off down the driveway and she took off right after him.  We have a pretty long driveway with two cattle guards. As I pulled to the end of the driveway it was very dark. Chance and Daisy met us as the gate into the yard and I thought everyone was inside.  Everyone was inside but Sweetpea.  I went back out thinking she got locked out of the yard and she wasn’t anywhere to be found which wasn’t the norm.  I went again back inside the house to look for her then back out to my truck to go and look for her further.
As I approached the first cattle guard I saw my precious little Angel and she was gone .
One of the things I loved more then life itself was now gone and I’m the one who took her from our lives.  Just knowing this little dog with her crooked little smile would always be there with her unconditional love was all I needed to get thru a day.  The world and life itself can be pretty cruel and can really beat you down.  I know in my heart that the Lord put this little Angel in our lives and in particular mine.
Whenever Chance and Bear would get into it she would always look at me and jump into my lap.
Whenever she had to take medicine or was scolded she jumped into Daddy’s arms for protection.
She had such a kind and gentle heart although she could also play the tough dog from INSIDE the truck barking at cows and ALL dogs. She just knew she wasn’t a dog and she was there to protect Daddy from ALL four legged animals .
This one little soul that gave me so much happiness and filled my heart with so much joy and depended on me for her care and protection, the one person she depended on the most to protect her tragically let her down.
When Bear and I found her it was sprinkling and cold so I took off my shirt and wrapped her in it. Knowing she was cold-natured I got my jacket out of the truck and wrapped her up in that too.
She had jumped the cattle guard as she normally does and I never saw or heard her .
She never wanted to be away from her daddy and was racing to get to me.
It had been a very long terrible day dealing with clients and their trivial petty BS and other nonsensical daily drama that had my tired mind elsewhere when my focus should have been on getting my baby girl home safely.
My stupidity and carelessness took the life of the most precious sweetest soul I’ve ever known.
She will never howl with me or run thru the house and jump in my lap and grin that toothy grin at me.
She will never hop on top of me while I’m laying in bed then snuggle up next to me to sleep.
She’ll never fall asleep in my lap like she has every evening for the last 18 months, she’ll never race down to the pond with me and chase the cows trying to grab their tails.
She’ll never ride with me again thru the Chick Fil A drive thru or get doggie biscuits from the ladies at the bank or ice cream from the Dairy Queen .
She’ll never wake me up in the morning or sit in her spot in the back seat of the truck just looking out the window .
Many reading this post will find it silly although I didn’t write it for you I wrote it for my little Sweetpea.
I know dogs can’t read although I wanted to write about her and share her short little life .
All I can say little Angel is that daddy is so so very sorry and if I could take your place I would .
My hope and prayers are that you are chasing rabbits and squirrels and digging up moles in Heaven and grinning down at Daddy with your crooked Aussie smile.
Little girl, Daddy misses you so much and you will always have a big part of my heart which is now broken. I can’t do anything or go anywhere where you aren’t there.
I love you Sweetpea and know one day that you’ll be back in Daddy’s lap.
Love, Daddy
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